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License Management Dashboard

Table of Contents

The License Management Dashboard allows you to activate, manage, or deactivate your websites. You can also download the latest and other old versions of plugins here

1. Websites Management:

You could manage Websites or remove your License at


Or you can access Dashboard > Piotnet Bricks > License > Manage Licenses

2. Licenses Management:

You could download the latest versions at

3. Extra information

As a Pro Piotnet user, you have a set amount of licenses you can connect to Piotnet sites. Now you can set up a dedicated staging subdomain that has one of the following names below. For example, if your site is, then using will not be considered a license use:

TLD (Top-level Domain) that is not considered a license activation:

*.dev (
*.local (example.local)
*.staging (example.staging)
*.test (example.test)

Subdomains that are not considered as a license activation: