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Piotnet Calculated Field

Application for Bricks Form


Piotnet Calculated Field function provides the ability to build calculators, booking, and order forms for Bricks Form that perform basic and complex calculations.


Order Form


Step 1

Create your own Bricks Form as the illustration below.

The details of 3 Number Fields

Step 2

Create a Total Field with the Text Type.

Enable Calculated Field function and fill out your calculated format.

You can manually embed the Field IDs or apply the suggestion field when clicking on the Calculation Box.

Results in front-end


More information:

To customize the Typography of the Calculated field result.

Edit Bricks Form > Content Tab > Scroll down to Calculated Field > Configure the Typography


To diversify a form, you can refer to Piotnet Forms. It possibly fulfills your advanced and complicated setup requirements for building a form.

For instance: Apply Payment methods, multiple Marketing and other platform integrations, etc.