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Piotnet Conditional Logic Form

Application for Bricks Form


Simply defined, conditional logic is the idea that you can set rules, or conditions, that cause your process to change based on input. The above statement relies on the “IF” conditional statement to show the corresponding fields.
Piotnet Conditional Logic Form feature is a powerful way to streamline your Bricks forms. The ability to customize conditional options can make a huge difference in your work.


A Simple Form



You have a Contact form, you want to show Contact methods depending on the corresponding options of the target Select field as the demonstration above.

Step 1

Create a simple Bricks form like the image below.

The details of the Select field.


The contact method fields:


Step 2

Afterward, edit that Bricks Form > Content Tab > Piotnet Conditional Logic Form feature

Enable to trigger it. Then click on Add Condition to set up conditions.

An overview of Conditional Logic setup for three fields: Phone, Email, and Facebook.

Speed: speed of the action triggered

Easing: swing or linear

Show: you can manually embed the field’s ID or use dynamic tags to get a specific field.

IF: fill out the target field’s ID that you want to apply the condition (Select field’s ID in this case)

Comparison Operators: choose equals

Type Value: String

Value: the corresponding value in the Options box (Select field in this case)

Results in front-end:

More information in the Conditional Logic List:


Comparison Operators:

There are options for you such as

  • not empty/empty: Usually used for the text, number, tel, email, or input field types
  • equals/not equals: Usually used for input or options field types
  • =, <, <= Usually used for the text, number field type.
  • checked: Usually used for the radio, checkbox field type.
  • unchecked: Usually used for the radio, checkbox field type.
  • contains: The condition is triggered if the target field’s input contains the corresponding value. Usually used for the text, tel, number, email, or input field types. For example: in condition value setup: “abc” => if users fill out “abcdef” input in the target field, the conditional will be triggered.
Type Value
  • String: if the value contains letter characters or numbers
  • Number: applied for only number format.
OR, AND Operators:

You can enable AND or OR settings during form creation.

  • With AND conditional logic, two or more requirements must be met by the site visitor in order for the condition to display.
  • On the other hand, for the OR conditional logic to work, a condition will display so long as one or more of the requirements are met by the site visitor inputting information.

By default, it returns the OR setup.


To diversify a form, you can refer to Piotnet Forms. It possibly fulfills your advanced and complicated setup requirements for building a form.

For instance: “Set value” function of Conditional Logic, Multiple Marketing and other platform integrations, etc.