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Piotnet Code Block

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Work well with Bricks Query Loop


Using the Piotnet Code Block element, you can add custom PHP and HTML to your page. PHP behaves exactly as if it were coded in a WordPress theme file. You can use the WordPress loop, database queries, and other WordPress API functions, especially in Bricks Query Loop.

Code Block Demonstration

code block with Piotnet bricks addons


Step 1

In Bricks Panel > Search Piotnet Code Block

code block with Piotnet bricks addons

Step 2

Customizing your PHP/HTML codes.

code block with Piotnet bricks addons 2

Refer to the illustration in the coding

<a class="piotnet-code-block-title" href="<?php echo get_the_permalink(); ?>">
	<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>

Related Features


To diversify a form, you can refer to Piotnet Forms. It possibly fulfills your advanced and complicated setup requirements for building a form.

For instance: Apply Payment methods, multiple Marketing and other platform integrations, etc.