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Range Slider

Application for Bricks Form


An input where you select a value from a control or sliding bar. We can slide the handlebar to the right or left to produce a range.



Step 1

Create your own form by Bricks Form.

To apply the Range Slider, firstly, choose Text type (mandatory)

Step 2: 

Scroll down to Piotnet Range Slider Field > Embed above Text Field ID > Then customize your Range Slider Options.

To apply the Range Slider Demos, click on Ion Range Slider Library

In addition, you can customize CSS to diversify your Slider.

* Ranger slider only works on the frontend

To diversify a form, you can refer to Piotnet Forms. It possibly fulfills your advanced and complicated setup requirements for building a form.

For instance: Apply Payment methods, multiple Marketing and other platform integrations, etc.