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How to set Tooltip

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Application for any Bricks/other platforms Elements

Tooltip, as infotip or hint. When hovering over a screen element or component, a text box displays information about that element, such as a description of a button’s function, what an abbreviation stands for, or the exact absolute time stamp over a relative time (“… ago”).

Demonstrations of Tooltip

hover to this heading

Detailed Tutorials

Click on any element > Style Tab > Enable Piotnet Tooltip

Then choose a Content format (Image/Text Editor/Template)

set tooltip with piotnet bricks 1

Customize the relevant parameters: Duration (ms), distance, Animation type, Placement, Black ground color, Typography, and Custom Width.

set tooltip with piotnet bricks 2

A note for Image/Icon elements.

Because different systems and the Image/Icon elements have unique constructions, a covered div is required with these elements.

Click on that div > Style Tab > Enable Piotnet Tooltip 

set tooltip with piotnet bricks 3
A covered div is required with Image/Icon

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To diversify a form, you can refer to Piotnet Forms. It possibly fulfills your advanced and complicated setup requirements for building a form.

For instance: Apply Payment methods, multiple Marketing and other platform integrations, etc.