20 Creative Button Animations and Hover Effects

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Instead of manually animating buttons with CSS, you may just drag & drop numerous button animations with these eye-catching and “flashy” hover effects.

Demonstration of Animate Buttons

Detailed Tutorials

Trigger Bricks Element

In the beginning, you need to add this element to Element Creator Category from the demo list.

Access “Add Element Creator” > Hover on Button Animation

button animations 1
Add Element

After that, it directs to the Button Animations Editor > click on “Save it” to trigger this element.

button animations 2
Trigger Element

This element will be stored in “All Elemen Creator” as well.

button animations 3

Configure Element Controls

There are two main controls in the Content Tab:

  • General Settings
  • Style
button animations 4
General Settings

Settings Control

  • Button Text: the Title of Buttons
  • Button Style: there are 4 available Styles (you can check the demos above)
  • Button Link: you can embed your URL here.
button animations 5
There are 4 style options
  • Animations: there are 10 hover effects.
button animations 6
5 animation slide effects for Style 1 & 2
button animations 7
5 animation border effects for Style 3 & 4

Style Control

You are able to customize the Color of Buttons or Typography’s relevant parameters, such as: Color, Font Size, Align, etc.

button animations 8

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